Design of a commercial UAV


KoptR Image is a Quebec based company working the commercial and industrial UAV sector. KoptR offers an array of services specialized in UAV flight training and operations, legal support and Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) requests.

In order to better serve their clients, KoptR is working toward the development of a unique solution consisting of a hybrid UAV, easy to transport and to deploy.

Koptr Image


To maximize the performance of the new concept, there is a need to:

  • Design and optimize the outer mold line of the UAV
  • Optimize the propulsion system (propeller geometry, RPM)


Optis collaborated with KOPTR to design an optimal solution:

  • Brainstorm of new configurations
  • Design and optimization of the wing planform and airfoil
  • Design and optimization of the propellers
  • Static stability and CG margin calculations
  • Performance prediction (power, L/D, autonomy)


In addition to our contributions, KoptR benefited from:

  • An expertise complementary to their R&D team
  • Validated aerodynamic design tools to predict wing and rotor performance
  • Fast execution time
  • Accurate results
We greatly appreciated working with OPTIS throughout our challenging project. We particularly appreciated their rapid execution time, their flexibility and the quality of their expertise. The estimated results were reached and the performance of our product are as expected.
Michael Lévesque, Eng.
Director of Operations and R&D
KoptR Image