Banner Secteurs
Optis has a solid expertise in the field of aerospace systems design. Our team members have worked on projects involving the design, fabrication and tests of UAVs, gas turbines, electric propulsion systems for the aviation industry and more.
With safety as a primary concern, out team of experts is always striving to maximize performance and reliability while minimizing costs.
Optis offers its expertise in advanced design and engineering to solve the ever increasing challenges of the mining sector. With several projects successfully achieved in partnership with maintenance and operations teams of some of the deepest mines in the world, Optis is always seeking new opportunities to make a positive impact and implement durable solutions.
Optis believes that renewable energy is a key element to the sustained development of our society. In order to become prevalent, energy harvesting technologies need to be cheaper, more efficient and more accessible.
Optis is tackling these challenges by studying novel concepts and developing adapted design tools to generate more efficient solutions.